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The specially designed YOU.FO stick is to be used together with the aerodynamic YOU.FO ring.

The hrowing stick is made of an aluminium frame which is 100% recyclable. The cone is composed of 2k mold with a durable rubber tip. Weight per stick: 600 grams.

YOU.FO is a totally new sports concept. It's based on throwing and catching an aerodynamic ring with specially designed sticks over distances of 10-30 mtrs. This requires concentration, strength, flexibility and cooperation. YOU.FO can be played one-on-one or in teams, with goals or freestyle, in city parks, on sports fields or at the beach. Age: 10+. Check out our how to play section to learn more!  

Our manufacturing partner is a member of Return 2 Sender Foundation (R2S) which enables high quality recycling of all YOU.FO plastic components (including ring and cone)

Video(s): YOU.FO instruction video


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€ 39,50 *
Price per stick
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